Joan Growe, Secretary of State

“Margaret is a trailblazer, experienced coalition builder and fierce advocate for Minnesota women and families…Margaret’s leadership experience and ability to bring together a diverse group of people to get things done, coupled with her vision for a more equitable and just future for the 5th District, uniquely qualify her for this office in this very perilous moment in our nation’s history."

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Ryan Winkler, State Representative

“I have been in the foxhole with Margaret, battling Tim Pawlenty, taking on issues like climate change, the bridge collapse, the transportation override, and I know her courage, and her strength and determination. I think in these times, having strong, effective people who cannot just take on people like Donald Trump rhetorically but actually in Congress, or the district, I think that is very, very powerful.”

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Meredith RaimondiState
Sheila Smith, Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts*

"Margaret has done so much for the arts in Minnesota - even in her freshman year as a legislator she stood up to override Jesse Ventura's vetoes of arts bonding projects, including those of the Commonweal Theatre and the Guthrie Theater. When she was Speaker, she fought every day to keep the arts in the Legacy bill and organized DFL House members to block vote in favor of the arts over and over again. It's no exaggeration to say that the Legacy Amendment wouldn't have passed without her endless energy and focus. She would make an incredible member of Congress - lots of experience and lots of skills. Go Margaret Anderson Kelliher!"

*Title for identification purposes only.

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Senator Carolyn Laine

"Margaret is a true leader; she can see what is possible, draw people around it, and stay with both the vision and the people until it all comes together. I've seen this in action. Margaret Anderson Kelliher = Leadership + Experience."

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Shep Harris, Golden Valley Mayor

"Margaret is a proven, experienced leader who has fought to improve the lives of Minnesotans during her time in legislature and most recently in the private sector. Her  awareness of and tenacity on key issues will have the greatest impact for working families all across the district. Residents of Golden Valley believe in Margaret and I do too."

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