Statement regarding 5th Congressional District Democratic Convention

Statement of Margaret Anderson Kelliher regarding 5th Congressional District Democratic Convention

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- June 16, 2018) “As an organizer who learned from the late-Senator Paul Wellstone, I believe in the Democratic process. I believe in caucusing and the robust conversation that it produces. As I speak with caucus-goers, delegates, alternates and voters, they do not agree with this hastily put-together endorsement convention that is happening on Father’s Day. It needlessly limits discussion and debate and does not represent our Democratic values.

Instead, we should be taking our message to the voters and hearing what is important to the district. This primary is for the 700,000 Minnesotans of the 5th Congressional District and should not be decided by a small group of people. As progressives and as Democrats, this is not who we are. I am here to listen and everyone deserves to be heard. For these reasons, I have opted to forgo the DFL convention on Sunday.

As we come together as a party, I look forward to robust conversations so residents get to know their future elected officials and who will best stand up to Donald Trump and his disastrous and harmful policies that go against our progressive values.

This weekend, I will be talking to voters across the district and celebrating Father’s Day. On August 14, a primary will take place and the voters will make a decision. The candidates listed on the ballot are final and this convention will not change that. Let’s focus on getting ready for the primary by allowing voters to truly get to know the candidate. I look forward to hearing more from the 700,000 Minnesotans of the district in the coming days and weeks.”


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Meredith Raimondi