Margaret Anderson Kelliher’s Campaign for Congress has Broad Support from Legislators From Across CD5

Legislators From Across CD5 Endorse Margaret Anderson Kelliher’s Campaign for Congress

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN—June 25, 2018) Margaret Anderson Kelliher’s campaign for Congress is gaining steam with new endorsements from DFL elected officials representing the many cities within Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District.

Today’s endorsements include:

  •  Senator Carolyn Laine (Columbia Heights, Fridley, Hilltop, Spring Lake Park, St. Anthony),

  •  Senator Ron Latz (Golden Valley, Hopkins, St. Louis Park),

  •  Senator Ann Rest (Crystal, Golden Valley, New Hope, Robbinsdale),

  •  Representative Lyndon Carlson (Crystal, New Hope),

  •  Representative Frank Hornstein (Minneapolis),

  •  Representative Linda Slocum (Richfield).

“We started our campaign just three weeks ago and we are excited to see the strong support we are receiving from all over the 5th Congressional District. From Spring Lake Park to Richfield and Hopkins to Minneapolis,  I am hearing from voters who are energized about this August 14 primary as we discuss the issues important to the district such as Medicare-for-All, gun violence prevention, and holding the Trump Administration accountable.  It’s critical that our next Member of Congress has strong partnerships with local leaders. That is why I am grateful to have the support from so many esteemed elected officials who represent the constituents of the 5th Congressional District,” said Anderson Kelliher.

“Margaret understands that whether in Richfield, Brooklyn Center or St. Louis Park, affordable housing is in short supply with rents pricing many residents out of our communities,” said Representative Linda Slocum of Richfield. “I look forward to having Margaret be a strong advocate for affordable housing while in Washington.”

These endorsements come on the heels of last week’s endorsement announcement from former State Representative Ryan Winkler of St. Louis Park:

“I have been in the foxhole with Margaret, battling Tim Pawlenty, taking on issues like climate change, the bridge collapse, the transportation override, and I know her courage, and her strength and determination. I think in these times, having strong, effective people who cannot just take on people like Donald Trump rhetorically but actually in Congress, or the district, I think that is very, very powerful,” said Winkler.

Margaret has also been endorsed by former elected officials Rep. Ron Erhardt (Edina), Rep. Phyllis Kahn (Minneapolis), Rep. Kate Knuth (Fridley), and Senator Dan Larson (Richfield).


For more information about Margaret Anderson Kelliher and her campaign for U.S. Congress for Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, please visit, on Twitter @MAKforCongress, on Instagram @margaretforcongress, and on Facebook @MAKforCongress. Photos, including headshots, are available.  For news media inquiries, please contact Meredith Raimondi at (651) 470-1857 or